Wolf Watches Birds


2-6/8″ long, made of pure (.999%) silver. Backs of each circle also attractive (see other pictures).

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What does a wolf think when it sees birds fly? Does it envy the bird its flight? Or does it just see a snack? Each of the two earrings has two dramatic circles handmade of pure (.999%) silver. Earrings hang 2-6/8″ long and weigh about .3 to .33 ounces each.

Product Details:

  • The two earrings total have a minimum of 16.8 grams of silver — up to 18.6 grams (variation due to being hand-made). Substantial.
  • Measurements: Length: 2-6/8″ and Width: 1-13/16″
  • Pure .999 silver doesn’t tarnish anywhere near as easily as sterling silver(!)
  • While the two circles (and wolf) on each earring are .999 silver, the remainder of the earrings are sterling silver (.925%).